Why Do You Keep Changing the Name - Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption? What Is It?


All  of the above and more.

We could call it " Anthropomorphic caused increase in CO2 (and other GHG) in the atmosphere at rates too high for nature to recycle, resulting in overall warming of the atmosphere, oceans and land and causing progressive changes in the earth's cycles and life support systems."

Trouble is, that doesn't exactly flow off the tongue.

Since much of the immediate effect is in observable climate, it is often called "Climate Change."  But that does not really cover what we are seeing.  It does not include acidification of the oceans,  migration of species, extinction of some species, expansion of tropical diseases, melting of ice caps and expansion of ocean water resulting in higher sea levels, and a march toward tipping points beyond which it will not be possible for our grandchildren to mitigate the situation.

There isn't a succinct name that represents our current reality.  Global warming maybe is the closest but as has been pointed out many times, many parts of the earth are recording cold weather even as the overall temperatures are rising.

My favorite right now is probably "climate disruption" or "global warming crisis" but both are completely inadequate.