How do we know anthropomorphic global warming  is happening?   



Three basic points. These  are well established, and not contested within the global scientific community:

  1. Carbon Dioxide (as well as other green house gases) holds heat in the atmosphere. This was first demonstrated in the mid 19th century and has been verified countless times since.

  2. Humans, are adding more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than natural processes can remove. Burning of fossil fuels is adding an additional 30 to 40 gigatons of carbon dioxide every year.

  3. This additional CO2 is doing what CO2 does. It is warming the atmosphere the oceans and the planet in general.

Further thoughts:

There is disagreement about how quickly the effects are occurring, how severe they will be, and how to address them.  But the data are so overwhelming and clear that the vast majority of atmospheric, ocean and earth scientists (over 95 percent) agree the effects, will be severe, and action must be taken.

This is not political.  It has nothing to do with political parties.  This is science and it is clear.

Politics comes into play as we determine the most effective ways to adjust to this growing crisis, the inevitable changes that are coming, and the best course to a fossil fuel free, clean energy future.