Aren't People Making Money Off this Idea of "Climate Change?"


I sincerely hope so.

We have many people who are independently wealthy, or willing to live on less so they can educate on climate change. But  we will never make the massive changes needed unless people can make a living at it.

Moving to clean energy involves  a lot of labor and people will need to be paid for that labor - just as people are paid for working in the fossil fuel industry.  It also requires people to invest in the industry and that requires profits.  (Just as with fossil fuels or any other commercial entity).  We cannot run on good intentions forever.

Our last energy revolution, the industrial revolution, 150 years ago, essentially took over the world.  The major push was not altruism, but people were making a lot of money.  Many people became fabulously wealthy.  Think Rockefeller, Carnegie etc.

It is unlikely that we are going to create millionaires like we did in the 1800's.  Clean energy is far more diversified and cannot be as easily concentrated in the hands of a few.  But if we are going to have a clean energy revolution, people are going to have to make a living at it.  And people will have to see a profit in their investments in it.

This is a good thing.