Aren't You a Hypocrite for Driving Here in an Internal Combustion Car/ or Coming in an Airplane?


I did drive my gasoline powered (high mileage :-) ) car here today.

But that is not hypocrisy anymore than it would be hypocrisy for a person promoting passenger airlines, in the 1920's, for not taking one to a venue.  Or someone in the 1890s talking about the future wonders of automobiles, showing up in a horse and  carriage.

We are talking about a clean energy revolution, not unlike the oil and coal energy revolutions 150 years ago.  But we are a long way from it at this point.

We do have a lot of the technology we will need.  But we need to develop more.  We do have resources.  Many countries have made dramatic changes in transportation and the use of new technologies, reducing their carbon footprint.  The U.S., which at one time led the world into the future, is definitely holding to the old ways.

What we need today is the will to move forward into a cleaner, sustainable world.  Until we get there it will not do to tell people who understand this issue, to sit in the corner with the lights out.  Conservation is certainly important for all of us.  But, right now, it is more important to get the truth about our world crisis out.

I can think of no better use for fossil fuels today,  than to educate citizens on the need to move beyond them.