Blame Nature #3:What About Earth Behavior?



Another natural cycle is the Dansgaard-Oeschger events which scientists have identified from ice core data.  (Extra points for being able to pronounce it). These events are not well understood:  they seem to happen about every 1500 years and bring about a fairly fast warming of the Northern Hemisphere.

This looks like a possible culprit -  except for a couple of details.

First, the last D-O event occurred about a thousand years ago. So we aren’t due for another 5 centuries.

More important, however, is that D-O is a re-distribution of temperature, not an overall increase in global heat.  The northern hemisphere gets warmer, the southern gets correspondingly cooler.  We are experiencing a warming of the entire planet.

Once again, no dice.

What About Earth Wobbles?

Yes, the planet does wobble, moving one way and then back again on its axis by a fewdegrees, every year and a half or so.  This is primarily due to tides and the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun.  Here again, any change in temperature or climate on the part of the earth tilting a bit more toward the sun, is offset by reverse changes on the part tilting away. This is not an overall global warming like we are seeing.

Interestingly, there is some strong speculation that the wobble may be increasing a little because of climate change. It is being suggested that the melting of the ice at the poles and redistributing of water may be changing the wobble.

But there is simply no reason to believe that our
age old wobble can account for the consistent global warming we are seeing.