Blame Nature #5: Doesn't Nature Add More CO2 to the Atmosphere Than the Burning of Fossil Fuels?


Yes, quite a bit.
Carbon dioxide is part of the great carbon cycle of the earth.  Nature produces about 750 gigatons of carbon dioxide per year, but  nature also removes about 750 gigatons of  CO2 yearly primarily through photosynthesis. 

The 29 gigatons (actually some put that number at closer to 40 gigatons) burned by human activities is in addition to what nature produces, and is beyond what he natural carbon cycle can remove. 

Hence, carbon dioxide is accumulating in our atmosphere and being absorbed into our oceans.  The level of atmospheric CO2 is increasing every year.

In addition, however, due to deforestation, and damage to flora in the oceans, nature’s ability to reclaim CO2 is actually going down.