Blame Nature #6: Couldn't There Be some Natural Factors That Scientists Have Not Yet Identified?


Science is never finished and one must always be open to the possibility of a heretofore unidentified natural event that may be partially responsible for the warming we are seeing. However, as we understand more and more about the changes in our atmosphere, the importance of this hypothetical natural cause becomes vanishingly small. The effects we see line up with the increases in CO2 and other GHG emissions we are measuring. Any unrecognized enhancing or mitigating natural process is playing only a very small part.

Change is difficult, and we would all prefer to not change.  But seeking out illusive and unlikely causes for our current climate crisis rather than taking solid and do-able action is a recipe for disaster.

The verdict is in. Beyond a reasonable doubt, Mother Nature is not the perpetrator. In the words of Walt Kelly’s Pogo: “We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us.”